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Terms of Use

Welcome to Jamatu. Step into the business world of Jamatu and learn all about the legal aspects that you have to consider when using Jamatu. 

We operate an event platform that includes ticketing and social media. Our goal with our platform is to set new standards in the field of leisure activities. All kind of events can be created on our platform or mobile apps as well as through other services. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase tickets, provide bookable venues and spaces or find venues and spaces to book for own purposes.

General information

Jamatu AG (hereinafter referred to as «Jamatu») provides a variety of services through By using these services, the user explains itself in agreement with existing general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as «GTC»).

Jamatu reserves the right, without prior notification, to carry out modifications on the GTC. The current version of the GTC can be viewed under

Should individual clauses of these GTC be or become invalid, the validation of the rest of the clauses remain unaffected.

Jamatu retains all copyrights and other rights to the services. You are not authorized to remove, cover or change the legal notices (e.g. copyrights or trademarks).

The violation of the provisions will result in a loss of right to use the services. In case of violation, Jamatu will be entitled to close the user account and refuse access to our services.

These GTCs constitute the entire agreement between you and Jamatu and replace all previous agreements under this title. Oral agreements have no validity.

In the event of a dispute, an amicable settlement, whenever possible, will be pursued. Should it still be necessary, Swiss law shall apply in any case, regardless of your location.

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland. 

Usage guidelines for Jamatu

General information

You agree to use the services of Jamatu only in accordance with the present provisions and regulations and legislation relevant for you.

As a user of the services, you must be of legal age or possess a certificate of legal guardians.

Registration is required in order to create an user account at Jamatu.

You ensure that all registration information you provide will always be valid, correct, and up to date. You are also responsible for maintaining the security of your password.

You agree not to intentionally interrupt or disrupt the services in any way.

You agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, trade or disseminate the services for any purpose.

For organizers and landlords

As the user account owner at Jamatu, you are responsible for ensuring that the content stored is not abusive, that it does not infringe any copyrights, trademarks or other rights and that it does not act inappropriately with other Jamatu users. Jamatu reserves the right (but is not obliged) to check, filter, change, reject or delete content or accounts within the services.

A Jamatu mobile website is always associated with a user account. It is your responsibility to keep up to date the information such as phone numbers and email addresses and to take notice of Jamatu emails.

Appointments that you receive from customers via Jamatu are binding. This means that your customers rely on the fact that the booked appointment can actually take place. If the deadline cannot be met, it is your responsibility to contact the customer concerned immediately.

For service customers (i.e. people who book a room or an event): You hereby agree to enter all information, that are required to make an appointment, correctly and truthfully.

Appointments that you as a customer make via Jamatu are binding. The service provider relies on you meeting the booked appointment (and pay if necessary). If you cannot keep an appointment, it is your responsibility to inform the service provider concerned immediately; the provider's cancellation policy applies.

Payment terms and prices

There will be no contract or subscription over a certain period of use.

The fees incurred are only due if the mediation is successful and are listed under prices.

Fees will only occur when a successful placement takes place. These are listed under the section prices.
Jamatu reserves the right to change the prices of all services at any time.

Jamatu will have no liability to you or third parties for price changes or consequences resulting from price changes.

Fees and terms of use for online payments

Stripe Connected Accounts

Payment services to customers on Jamatu are provided by Stripe and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Use (collectively known as “Stripe Services Agreement”).


The additional stripe fees amount to 2.9% + CHF 0.30 of the total amount. In the event of insolvency, additional fees may arise through a collection agency.

By the approval of these terms of use or continuous acting as a Jamatu customer, you accept the terms of the Stripe Services Agreement that may be adjusted by Stripe from time to time.

As a prerequisite for Jamatu to use Stripe's payment services, you agree to provide complete information about yourself and your business to Jamatu. You authorize Jamatu to pass on this information and the transaction information related to your use of Stripe offered payment services.


Jamatu uses "cookies" to make our website as user-friendly as possible. Cookies are small files that are temporarily stored on your computer's hard drive by your browser and that are necessary for the use of our website.
Cookies do not contain any personal information about you and cannot be used to identify individual users.
Cookies often contain a randomly generated anonymous identification number that is stored on your device. Some of these identification numbers are deleted at the end of your website visit, others remain on your computer for longer.
If you do not allow cookies, certain functions on this website will not be carried out correctly. This limits the use of our website.

For detailed information we refer to our data protection regulations.


Jamatu provides optional plugins and white label solutions to simplify the service by integrating them into your local environment (calendar, address book).
In this context, a plugin is a software that you download and install on your computer and that has access to the information in your calendar and address book. Jamatu uses the information accessible in this way only for the intended purpose. Jamatu only accesses the information that is necessary to provide the service.


Jamatu reserves the right to display advertisements on the website or in emails. These advertisements can be controlled based on the information available to Jamatu (language, IP address, survey content, etc.). This control always takes place automatically. The information required for control is neither evaluated manually nor passed on to advertising customers. 


Jamatu does not guarantee that the services will meet your requirements or expectations, that the services will be available continuously, timely, secure and free of errors, that the results obtained by using the services will be correct and reliable, or that any errors in the services will be corrected.

Jamatu is not liable for any direct or indirect damage of any kind resulting from: the use or inability to use the services; Changes in services; permanent and temporary unavailability of the services; Unavailability or incorrect availability of data processed by the services or other causes in connection with the services.

Jamatu provides technical support on the base of "best effort" exclusively via email, but does not guarantee the availability of technical support.

Jamatu has the right to use the services of third parties at any time and to any extent for the provision of services.
Jamatu has the right to discontinue, remove or change the services (or parts thereof) at any time or temporarily or to add new services. These changes are automatically subject to these terms. By continuing to use the services after such changes, you are tacitly consenting to the changes.

Status January 2020