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Five features for stress-free work

Room management can take up quite a lot of time - and nerves. But five new features from Jamatu are here to simplify your daily work. With this, the old - but not always great- times are over! 

Five features that make your work easier - Jamatu

Booking in real-time

The «Real-time Booking» function enables you to rent out your rooms when they are really needed. Because if someone's at the train station and looking for a workplace that's close, they don't want to fill out five more forms to get there.  What's good for your client is also good for you. This function relieves you of manual in-between steps like the creation and editing of forms or tedious email traffic. You can choose this function for coworking spaces as well as seminar rooms and conference rooms.

Good thing: You can centrally manage multiple locations in the Jamatu dashboard.

Managing different locations

«Multi-Site»  is the function that enables you to centrally manage different locations. It's automatically activated so that you can see every registered location in the dashboard and thus manage the locations centrally.

Editing Dependencies

The «Mother&Child» function is our secret star. It allows you to rent rooms that are dependent on each other - all without manual intervention. This enables you to rent out divisible meeting rooms as one single large room.

Five features for stress-free work