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Real estate - how Raiffeisen turned the switch to coworking

Raiffeisen Bank Oerlikon converted their front desk into a coworking space with meeting rooms. The bank is reacting to new customer needs and remains interesting for existing and potential customers. This way, it manages to stand out from the crowd as an innovative bank.

Raum11  open coffee zone

Central location, new needs

Raiffeisen Bank Oerlikon experienced the new needs of its customers directly at their front desk on Schaffhauserstrasse: e-banking and online consulting led to increasingly fewer customers leveraging their services directly at the desk. How can a bank react to these changes and remain interesting for its customers, primarily SMEs and private customers? The central location in Oerlikon, as Andrea Steinmann, Vice-chairman of the Bank Management, says, is a perfect location for local and global companies, for which Raiffeisen with its premises can serve greatly for knowledge exchange and education. 

Calming atmosphere in Raum11

Raum11: Book online, work on-site

Raum 11 is characterized by its flexible room design, modern infrastructure, and pleasant atmosphere that invites you to work. Raum11 offers 16 workplaces, 2 seminar rooms, and 2 event rooms that are suitable for meetings or for a productive exchange among like-minded people. This makes Raum11 a great fit for different occasions.

Customers benefit from the online offer, real-time availability, and the possibility of instant booking, as the platform is integrated into the website.

The site administrator can offer additional services for the premises, such as whiteboards.

The rooms of Raum11 can generally be booked immediately. These rooms, which Raiffeisen Bank Oerlikon has set in relation to one another, are automatically set on request and can be manually vacated. 

Raum11 benefits from an automatic operation for the processing of booking requests as well as invoicing and payment monitoring.

The Kentico Headless CMS offers Raiffeisen Oerlikon a fast and easy way to handle their website, which can be managed in a compatible manner for all devices.

For us, Jamatu is the ideal booking platform for our «Raum11». Thanks to the seamless integration into our website, our users are extremely user-friendly and have no media breaks. As a result, we have an extremely high conversion rate for bookings.

Administration & Marketing

A booking platform offers the greatest possible benefit when it meets the demand for flexible room booking. This applies to an urgent meeting or just a spontaneous hour of coworking. The Jamatu platform offers real-time bookings and an insight into the availability of the premises. With the integrated White-label Business Solution from Jamatu, Raum11's website has received the right component for an impressive digital experience.

Raum 11 Administration & Marketing - Jamatu

Raiffeisen & Jamatu Business Solution  

Raiffeisen customers don't experience any media disruptions. How so? Quite simply, the booking platform is fully integrated into the Raiffeisen website. This is possible because all functions and processes are managed in the same tool. The booking platform offers an optimal and central solution for easy room handling and administration. Raum11 has configured the solution as follows:

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