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Festivals - not just an event

The name of Unum Festival is a program: An event is not just an event. At the event, which has a Europe-wide appeal, visitors celebrate at the foot of the Rera e Hedhur sand dune accompanied by music and pure nature. Jamatu creates this relaxed experience for online visitors as well: They book their festival pass or their hotel in a package of their choice. 

Unum Festival Event

Ticket systems: more than a shopping cart

Anyone facing a decision weighs up various criteria. Visitors of Unum Festival choose music, sand, pine trees, mountains and the sea. Who does not want to go there as fast as possible? The organizers of the festival were therefore looking for a ticket system that would make it for customers as easy as possible. But also a solution that meets the expectations of the organizer for stability, security, flexibility and availability. The organizers chose Jamatu for this challenge. The business software enables organizers to flexible combine a wide variety of offers and to integrate them as a booking platform into the existing website through a simple interface. 

Your visitors book your tickets safe and reliable without media breaks. They can also book additional services such as hotel rooms or workshops - take advantage of the opportunity to exploit synergies.

The times of printed tickets or annoying admission ribbons are definitely a thing of the past. Your guests can easily check-in using a QR code - and do so several times, because the region might be tempting for a trip.

The Jamatu interfaces make integration into your website easy and can be done without any programming knowledge. This turns your website into a booking platform in your design.

You can see in real time how many tickets have already been sold and you can also create waiting lists if necessary. This allows you to react in advance if you need more helpers or services.

You want to know how your visitors use your festival? With the additional module “LogA” you can analyze all visitor flows, hotspots or length of stay at a concert. And of course everything is anonymized.

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